WoodEngravers bring traditional Indian handmade woodwork and modern engineering to create beautiful products that are made with the finest choice of quality woods! Browse our catalog to discover what we have in stock. Since our founding, our clients have relied on us for our quality and exceptional service. Each year brings improvements to our store, and with it an increased ability to offer our clients even more great products.

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Product Designing
Planning & Conceptualizing

 WoodEngravers bring traditional Indian handmade woodwork and modern engineering to create beautiful products that are made with the finest choice of quality woods!

Wooden Fractal Designing
Planning & Conceptualizing

Wooden fractal designing involves creating intricate patterns and structures inspired by mathematical fractals and then translating them into woodwork. This can be done using various techniques such as laser cutting, CNC routing, or hand carving. The process combines artistry with mathematical precision to produce stunning and visually captivating wooden pieces.

Wood Engraving
Design & Development

Designing and developing wood engravings involves sketching, transferring the design onto the wood, and then carving the design using specialized tools. It requires precision, patience, and a keen eye for detail. The process can range from traditional hand-carving techniques to modern CNC routing technology, depending on the desired outcome and available resources.

Custom Name and Design Engraving
Design & Development

Custom name and design engraving involves personalizing items with specific names or designs according to individual preferences. This can include engraving names, logos, symbols, or even intricate patterns onto various materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic. The process typically utilizes engraving machines, laser engravers, or hand engraving tools to etch the desired design onto the surface of the material, creating a permanent and customized finish.

Brass Inlay On Wood
Furniture Selections

Brass inlay on wood is a decorative technique where thin strips or pieces of brass are embedded into the surface of wood to create intricate patterns or designs. The process involves cutting or routing out channels in the wood to accommodate the brass pieces, which are then glued or hammered into place. Once secured, the surface is sanded and finished to achieve a smooth and seamless look. Brass inlay adds elegance and sophistication to wooden surfaces, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Wooden Epoxy Work
Furniture Selections

Wooden epoxy work involves combining wood with epoxy resin to create unique and visually striking pieces. This technique often involves embedding various materials, such as colored dyes, pigments, or even objects like stones or shells, into the epoxy to add depth and interest to the final product. Common applications include filling cracks, voids, or knots in wood to stabilize and enhance its appearance, as well as creating artistic tabletops, countertops, or decorative items. The process requires careful mixing, pouring, and curing of the epoxy resin to achieve the desired result.

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